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Truck Drivers: How can you be your own boss?

The most important thing you need is all those permits that your company took care of for you to stay legal and stay on the road.  As an owner-operator, you can either take care of those yourself or you can get a permitting specialist to take care of them for you.  That’s what Coast to Coast Services does best!

We can help you get your MC authority (ICC), your state authority and your broker authority. We can also help you with US DOT, Texas DOT, UCR, and Fuel Tax reporting, as well as any other permits you may need.

What about incorporation or setting up an LLC?  We can help with that as well.  Take advantage of some great tax benefits!

As you can see, there are many permits needed to stay legal and be your own boss. Call Coast to Coast Services at 1-877-273-7611 and get started today!