Long Haul Trucking

Long Haul Trucking Insurance

Long haul trucking insurance remains a priority among specialty trucking operators because being able to stay within liability limits protects you as you operate in interstate commerce. It also compensates both your workers and the individuals who are injured as the result of an accident that involves you or your company’s truck. A comprehensive trucking insurance policy from a reputable company also ensures that you are in compliance with industry regulations.

Comprehensive Insurance Plans

Coast to Coast Services has partnered with two of the most reputable names in the insurance industry, TRICOR Insurance and National Transportation Insurance Services (NTIS) to provide comprehensive and reliable policies for truckers. Both TRICOR and NTIS ensure a thorough evaluation process and timely processing of filings and claims. Get the following coverage types with Coast to Coast Services and our partner companies:

  • Primary Liability
  • General Liability
  • Non-Trucking Liability (Bobtail)
  • Physical Damage
  • Cargo
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Occupational Accident (includes Contingent Liability)
  • Towing Operations

Insurance specialists understand the demands of the commercial trucking industry and can match it with the best possible coverage in order to accommodate your every business need. Call us for inquiries regarding the coverage types offered or if you have specific requirements that you want included in your trucking insurance plan.

Type of cargo –Replacement value of your goods, lifespan, and potential clean-up costs. This is necessary for both owned and non-owned merchandise, instances of loading and unloading, mechanical breakdown and the like.

Quality of operation and drivers –The coverage based on the experience and records of your drivers, safety practices and previous claims.

Destination – The claims vary depending on the state or province where you will haul cargo.

Protect Your Business with Coast to Coast Service

Long haul trucking insurance is a statutory requirement for your business and gives you the authority to operate legally in interstate commerce. It also gives you the security and the peace of mind that you remain free from liabilities that can be financially detrimental to your business.

Obtain the best protection to suit all your commercial trucking needs with Coast to Coast Services. Call one of our specialists today for an initial consultation and quote.