Trucking Insurance

Coverage Types

Protect yourself from legal liability claims with different types of coverage.

Primary Liability – For injuries or damage to another party as a result of accidents. This includes bodily injury as well as property damage

General Liability – For damages arising while on the premises, from operations, using specific products and services, breach of contract, and personal injury

Physical Damage – This entails actual cash value protection to the insured’s equipment in the occurrence of an accident. Cases include collision, fire, vandalism, and theft. The coverage is based upon the type of equipment and year of its purchase.

Truck Cargo – For damage to merchandise or goods in the insured’s care. This covers debris removal, refrigeration breakdown, and earned freight.

Non-Trucking Liability – Applies when the truck is being operated for personal convenience, entailing no economic benefit to the owner-operator or lease company.

Additional Coverage Types

Bobtail Liability – Coverage for a truck operated without a trailer

Unladen Liability – Coverage for a truck operated with an empty trailer or without any trailer

Passenger Accident – For accidental death, medical expenses, dismemberment and the like of guest passengers

Occupational Accident – Provides the owner-operator medical benefits due to work-related injury or death

Comply with industry regulations with a long haul trucking insurance and ensure that you are fully covered for physical damage, cargo, general liability, and more.

What We Can Do for You

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