How Commercial Trucking Insurance Compensates Inevitable Business Loss

A recent news from illustrates the daily risk commercial truckers face in their business:

Warren police say Korkis’ semi truck containing 33,000 pounds of chicken was stolen from a storage lot in the 24000 block of Mound sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning. The lot is located on the east side of Mound, south of 10 Mile Road.

For Korkis, 35, of Sterling Heights, the semi was his lifeline. As a self-employed driver with his own truck, he now has no means to support his family.

He estimates the value of his truck at approximately $25,000, the trailer at $45,000 and the chicken cargo at about $70,000, for a total loss of about $140,000. He said he is out “a couple thousand dollars” for not making the chicken delivery and probably lost about $6,500 in income for the week. If the truck is not recovered, he could be without a delivery vehicle for about six weeks as insurance claims are processed.

The trucking industry will always be plagued by liabilities. With the long-distance travel and the valuable amount of hauled cargo they carry every day, losses from damages or theft may be inevitable. Truckers and business owners who hire truckers often suffer from these thieving incidents. Since these liabilities are risks to business profitability, getting trucking insurance is a practical move.

someone stole his 33k pounds of chicken and truck
There are various commercial truck insurance policies. The common coverage pertain to physical injuries truck drivers suffer in accidents. Some specialized insurance may be limited to the equipment, such as the truck and trailer, or to the cargo, such as merchandise or goods, in cases of damages and theft. Should unfortunate incidents happen, losses will be compensated after an insurance claim has been approved.

A commercial truck insurance is necessary for independent truck drivers, such as shown in the Warren news clip. Trucks handling large cargo quantities are even more susceptible to liabilities which makes acquiring tractor trailer insurance more important. The different options and comprehensive terms of coverage can be discussed with licensing consultants, such as Coast to Coast Services, that provide insurance information and advice. Taking out an insurance should provide the insured peace of mind, along with the assurance that his or her business will not fall apart just because of a single mishap.

(Article Information and Image from Warren trucker: Someone stole his 33k pounds of chicken and truck, The Macomb Daily, January 23, 2014)