Fulfilling MC Authority Requirement for Commercial Trucking Businesses

The U.S. commercial trucking industry is one of the biggest industries in the country these days.  Consequently, the U.S. government made known its plans to toughen its implementation of fuel-efficiency standards for heavy and medium-duty trucks.

Peter Lehner of the Natural Resources Defense Council writes that trucks with inefficient fuel economy are energy hogs on the road, consuming a significant amount of transportation fuel and contributing to carbon pollution.

Once the new regulations are in place, truck operators will have a lot on their plate to ensure that their fleet meets fuel-efficiency standards.  These operators will have to look into alternatives, like trucks with a seal of approval from organizations like the U.S. Department of Energy.  However, truck operators can’t afford to ignore other commitments and regulations like MC authority requirements as they focus their energy on fuel economy.

Fortunately, when these trucking business owners decide to acquire new trucks, they can turn to licensing consultants, like Coast to Coast Services, to help them meet the  Motor Carrier requisites for their new fleet.  Without an MC no., a truck operator cannot legally transport goods from one state to another.  Likewise, trucking businesses who need to have the MC nos. of their current fleet renewed can look into such services.

The MC number application process is regulated by the Department of Transportation, Motor Carrier Transportation Division, in the state where a trucking business is registered; and invoices the payment of fees and the completion of several forms.  Trucking operators can turn to companies to handle the Motor Carrier number application on their behalf to ensure everything is in place.

The commercial trucking industry may be one of the most financially rewarding businesses in the country today, but it’s not without its strict rules and regulations.  For trouble-free MC no. application, truck operators can turn to companies that provide such services.

(Source: Big Trucks to Get Mileage Boost, nrdc. org. Published 18 February 2014)